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At Brown & Associates we know how to negotiate with your lender. We have done short sales in as little as 28 days.

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Helping With The Short Sales Process

The Short Sale process can be long and complex. We will help you every step of the way, and make your sale smooth and stress-free.

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When Your Home Becomes A Financial Burden

When your home is underwater, it’s no fun. Brown & Associates can help find a way out and release the stress.

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Protect Your Biggest Investment

Your home is your biggest investment. You need to protect it. If you must sell, sell it the right way.

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We want to help!

If you are looking for information about short sales in Tampa Florida we’d like to help. Our firm specializes in short sale negotiations, all legal aspects of short sales as well as the closing of short sales. We handle legal aspects through our company Brown & Associates and closings through our title company which is now part of Brown & Associates. In addition, we have a full time short sale negotiator on staff to make the process of a short sale smooth and speedy.

A short sale is a relatively new phenomenon. The crash of the housing market has put many homes in the Tampa real estate market “underwater” meaning many homes are worth less than is owed on the property. This has put severe financial strain on many homeowners.

That combined with the fact that the bad economy has lead to many people losing their jobs and suffering other financial hardships, means it’s difficult for homeowners to keep up with mortgage payments. This has lead to many foreclosures in the Tampa Bay real estate market.

Why A Short Sale?

A short sale can be a win-win for both homeowners and lenders. The homeowner gets out from under a bad situation without destroying their credit. The lender avoids having to go into foreclosure and deal with having to sell the home themselves.

But for it to truly be a win-win, the short sale must be negotiated so that both parties are happy. This requires understanding the process and making sure the process goes smoothly. A lender may do this every day but a homeowner does not. Even realtors may not understand all that is involved. That’s why you may need help during the process.

Also, a foreclosure or a bankruptcy can impact your credit for as much as 10 years. Some say a foreclosure is even worse than a bankruptcy. A short sale is far better than going into foreclosure. It may only impact your credit for a couple of years.

Full-Time Short Sale Negotiator On Staff

The short sale process is complex. Lenders like to control the process and require many forms and paperwork before they will let a short sale go through. Missing paperwork and misunderstanding deadlines means your short sale will take longer. They want to get as much money as possible and often seek a legal “deficiency judgement” to reclaim some of the their losses.

Lenders also have many special short sale programs these days. We are familiar with these programs and know which will work best for you… and which to avoid.

Because we have a full-time negotiator on staff we know what needs to be done and when. We know what the various lenders are looking for because we’ve worked with all of them. We make sure YOUR short sale is smooth and trouble-free. We have gotten short sales to go through in as little as 28 days.

Our Attorney Knows Short Sales and Foreclosures

The lender in your short sale probably has a team of lawyers on staff who’s goal is to have the short sale be in their favor. To compete on equal footing, you need your own attorney working for you. Attorney Barbara Brown is an experienced real estate attorney who has handled many foreclosures and short sales. She has handled over 150 short sales, just in the last few years. She can make sure your short sale is in YOUR favor… and goes through smoothly and quickly. Visit her Foreclosure Law site here.

At Brown & Associates and Brown & Associates Title Department we have helped many Tampa Bay home owners during foreclosures, loan modifications, and through the short sale process. We are experts in this area and are anxious to use our expertise to help home owners during these troubled times. Here’s some reasons you might want to seek our help.

Our Title Company Knows Short Sales

If having a full-time short sale negotiator and an experienced real estate attorney helping your short sale was not enough, we also have our own title company to handle the closing. There will be no finger-pointing between lawyers, realtors, and lenders at the closing. We can handle all the details ourselves.

For Investors…

It’s a great time to buy property in Florida. There are many great deals to be had in the short sale market. We can help you find and close those investments in record time and make the buying process smooth and quick.

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For Homeowners...

So if you’re a homeowner looking to get out from under a bad situations, consider our services. We can help you get your home sold and avoid foreclosure. We know what needs to be done.

For Realtors…

If you need help getting your short sales to go through quickly we can help. We understand your needs and even have investors waiting who want to buy short sales. We can create that Win-Win-Win situation for you and your client.


I wanted to share my experience with Brown & Associates.

I have a property that was severely underwater and I owed $500,000 to the bank. I tried to negotiate with the bank but I was not getting anywhere.

I hired Brown & Associates to help with my negotiations. The result… They managed to settle my loan for $50,000 in only 90 days. I saved almost $450,000.

They handled all the negotiations and I didn’t have to do anything during the process. The bank stopped calling me right away. And I was out from under a very bad situation, thanks to the professionals at Brown & Associates.

I highly recommend Barbara and her team at Brown & Associates. They were a pleasure to deal with. They were professional at all times and they came up with the complete strategy and approach which resulted in me saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the relief I felt getting this loan settled.

Thanks Barbara!



Dear Barbara,

Thank you for consulting with us earlier today. My wife and I went to your firm with little hope for a resolution to our problems but have left uplifted. I also wish to thank you for such a speedy outreach to opposing counsel.

A few months ago, a co-worker had his mortgage modified to a 2% interest rate. I was hopeful that I too would be offered that earlier this summer but the modification paperwork did not allude to the rate, the change in term, the principal or any other amount other than a monthly mortgage that is much higher than what we can afford. Given that we have to invest so much into the home to make it livable for the long term, we were looking to be around half of that amount.

In fact, a mortgage loan calculator showing the amount of $148,000 for 30 years at 2.0 and 2.5 % came up with a payment of $547 and $585 respectably. If that or something close to those figures would have been offered we would have been all in.

My wife and I remain optimistic that our situation could be reversed and we can finally plan the family we hope to establish in the house we had set out to call home five years ago.

Thank you,

Peter and Bernadett

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